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Telecommunication Engineering
  We have hi-tech trainings instruments to cater telecom engineering needs. We have more than a dozen reference installations in all of the major engineering universities in Pakistan. Recently a few new training instruments have been introduced i.e. WiMAX (IEEE802.16d) Communication Trainer, Embedded Router Trainer, Ubiquitous Sensor Controls Training System and so many others.


 Following are the products in Telecommunication Engineering

Bluetooth Embedded Wireless Telecom Trainer


Wireless Embedded Training System, BT-3000 wasdeveloped to educate wireless control and embeddedtechnology.
Its distinguished technology compared to wiredembedded system is wireless control using Bluetoothprotocol. Wireless embedded technology will be usedin application of Home networking, Ubiquitous sensornetworking, Telemetric and Industrial control in nearfuture.
Through experiment using BT-...


Cellular Mobile Phone Trainer
  This training system provide the solutions for Call Simulator of Cellular Networks and Diagnostic Monitoring of CDMA Network Interface with Mobile. CMT-5000 is synthetically used for Call Simulator to call test of Cellular Network. This system is interface with Mobile to call setup and Interface with PC Application, Software Program which is analyzing the propagation environment between Base Station and Mobile phone, A1:A11 and Call Simulator App...


Mobile Telephone Trainer


MT-2000 is the training system enabling the students who are majoring the Electronic & Electrical Engineering,
Communication Engineering, Computer Information Engineering, Information & Telecommunication, Electronic &
Information, Information Electronic Engineering so that they can learn the basic concept of Wireless Communication
and Mobile Telecommunication along with the relate...


Microwave Training Systems


  • Understanding of Microwave communication system
  • Measuring technology training  in Microwave system
  • FSK modulation and demodulation band
  • Training of Microwave strip line design theory
  • Design and simulation of Microwave devices
  • Experiments in manufacturing and measurement of Microwave devices

Ubiquitous Home Network Trainer

Educational Features

  • Sensor control technology training
  • Motor control technology training
  • Electric power control training
  • Understanding, Practicing & Technology acquisition of
  • Ubiquitous Home networking Protocol.
  • Technology acquisition of Ubiquitous Home networking Facilities.
  • System Operating Technology Acquisition of Ubiquitous Home network.


 Features of RFID-DUAL

Comprehension of basic principle of RFID
Comprehension of RFID system design skill
Comprehension of SO/IEC 15693 protocol
Comprehension of Anti collision
Comprehension of reader configuration
Comprehension of RFID application programming

Educational Contents

Part I Introduction of RFID tec...


Digital Multimedia Broadcasting Trainer

Features of DMB-5000

We announce the developments of DAB / DMB Trainer System, DMB-5000 and DMB-5040. Which comply Eureka-147 and T-DMB standard completely, and can be used in training of DAB / DMB receiver development. The System consisted of DMB-5040, receiver board, DMB-5000, the T-DMB transitter, and DMS-6000, the Manager Software for DMB-5000. DMB-5000, the DMB signal generator, generate Band 3 (174~250MHz) RF sig...


WiMax Trainer


WiMAX (IEEE802.16d) Communication
- Provides demonstration with windows media player
- AP (Access Point) receives video streams via server's E-net, sends them to UE (User Equipment) through WiMAX modem
 UE (User Equipment) receives the data, and sends them to TE (Terminal) via E-net for performance
- Understanding of the embeded software environment and design using Montavista-...

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